Tree-ring reconstructions of streamflow

Monetary Policy

Determine if US monetary policy has been too loose or too tight based on user-defined targets.

NBA Shot Plot

Visualize and analyze shots for 300+ NBA players for 2 seasons.

Power in A/B Testing

Demonstration of the relationship of statistical power, effect size, and false positives

Sums of Squares

Explore how sums of squares are calculated in simple linear regressions.

Sample Size Calculator

A simple web application that will allow you to calculate a sample size to estimate a mean or a proportion.


A Shiny app in Danish showing how the Danish municipalities and the Danish government uses funds for cultural subsidies.

Hierarchical Models

Learn about hierarchical models through case studies and analyze your own data!


Web interface to explore European public procurement data. in Shiny

Link ggplot2 plots to Plotly to create interactive, web-based plots drawn with D3.js and rendered with Shiny.


GoWvis represents any piece of text inputted by the user as a graph-of-words and leverages graph degeneracy and community detection to generate an extractive summary (keyphrases and sentences) of the inputted text in an unsupervised fashion. The entire analysis can be fully customized via the tuning of many text preprocessing, graph building, and graph mining parameters.

Sales Analytics

The Sales Analytics Dashboard uses Shiny to monitor simulated bicycle sales for a bicycle manufacturer, Cannondale. The app is designed to showcase d3 graphics capabilities and R programming for organizational data visualizations to assist in executive decision making.

R Science Explorer 2016

Tool designed to aid the visualization, analysis and exploration of biomedical terms that were published in 2016

Disease Dynamics

ODE models of disease dynamics, allows for births and deaths, latent periods, and seasonal fluctuations.

Wind Rose

Buildwind roses and pollution roses with your own data, or a sample data set.

Age of Coins

This app implements a simulator for the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) based on the example of the age of euro coins.

Try Markdown

Shiny application wrapping pandoc inside to live-preview markdown in HTML on a split screen.


A machine learning dashboard. Use to train, tune and compare ML algorithms.

ggplot2 Theme Builder

Visually construct a theme for ggplot2 graphics, with ability to download the script for use.

Estimating Pi

Pi can be approximated, for large number of simulated points, as the ratio between the number of points inside the circle and the total number of points inside the square.

Time Series Forecasting

Compare different smoothing models in forecasting, namely simple exponential smoothing , linear exponential smoothing and Holt-Winter method


Allows users to visualize spatial and spatio-temporal disease data, estimate disease risk and detect clusters.


drinkR, estimate your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) over time by entering drinks with time stamps.

Crime Map

Simulation of an app that display crimes of San Francisco in real-time

RiverWare RDF Explorer

Dashboard to view future projections for reservoir and stream conditions within the Colorado River basin.

Hack Profiler

This is a profiler of hackers for people participating at hackathon. The goal is to facilitate teammate discovery.

Pasa Segura Medellin

Proveer información estadística de algunos aspectos de la seguridad vial en Medellín


Statistics and visualizations about movies, directors and actors.


Bike sharing usage of StadtRAD, the bike sharing system in Hamburg, Germany


A data visualization of over 35,000 web developer job postings across the US from 2015 to 2016.


Chat about Shiny, in a chatroom written in Shiny.

Paris Bikes

Visualize Paris Vélib’ bike station status, both number of free bikes and number of free stands.


Visualize and download tide data

Longest Losing Sequence

Calculate the longest losing sequence, primarily for use in understanding horse racing systems.

Leeds Cycle Accidents

Cycle Routes, cycle bays & cycle accidents in the Leeds (UK) area


Plot the distribution of English letter frequencies of input text, and optionally show a reference distribution.

ggplot Live

Develop your ggplot2 code in a live environment, as well as downloadable code and plot files

NetAssess Air Monitoring

App to assist state and local air quality agencies in completing their 2015 five-year air monitoring network assessment.

Globe Population

Global population represented as bars rising from a 3-D globe created with the shinyGlobe package.

Genetic Map Comparison

Compare genetic maps according to their key statistics and the relative positions of common markers.


Forecasts different types of inflation pertinent to the construction industry.

ERP Data Analysis

Forecasting & Time Series Decomposition. Lets users input & explore their time series data.

Web Scraper

A simple interface to retrieve data from the internet.


Analyze customer behavior, purchasing patterns and segmentation

Housing Prices

Graphically analyze/compare housing price indexes by region.

Google Maps Voronoi

Create Voronoi diagrams overlaid on Google Maps by clicking and dragging points. 

Screening Test Evaluation

This web-based app helps you to evaluate screening tool by calculating various diagnostic efficiency statistics.


Experiment plotting different types of graphs by simply clicking your way through options, with code generated automatically.

Economic Dashboard

Automated macroeconomic data analysis and forecasting, including automated commentary.

Shiny GEM

General exploratory methods, simplifying basic EDA tasks.


Cadastro geral de empregados e desempregados

What’s Next

Predict the next word given text input, or calculate the probability of a given trigram.

Serial Phone Logs

Interactive timeline and map of the infamous call log from the podcast Serial

ggplot My Data

A simple interface of ggplot where user can upload their csv file and chose how to plot it.

Decision Boundaries

Interactive visualization of non-linear logistic regression decision boundaries.

SQL Connection

Connect to a SQL or MySQL database to perform SQL queries and download the results


Convert any ggplot shiny output into an editable plot


Plot inter-country shipping data from the United Nations Comtrade DB

Average Age By Name

Choose a set of names, and see the average age of people with those names over time.


Shiny app for exploring homebrew recipes and beer styles.

Genetic Drift

Simulate genetic drift over generations, with variable number of alleles and population size.

Course of Subsidies

The course of agricultural subsidies in Greece, based on Greek Payment Agency’s data

Heart Disease Classifier

The app uses a K-nearest neighbors algorithm to classify heart disease data available at the UCI repository.

Classifier 101

Playground to understand the notions of prevision/accuracy of a classifier.

Fracking Growth

Explore the economic and geographic impact of shale oil and gas discovery/exploration in the United States.

Shiny Snowfall

Look up snowfall records by ZIP code to see the date of first snowfall each year, and the distribution of those dates.

Mapping Toronto

Map population and economic characteristic in Toronto by neighborhood.

Power Eval

Enables interactive computation of the sample size required or evaluation of the power for a test.

Nepal Earthquakes

A simple implementation of Shiny dashboard to explore the Nepal earthquake using USGS data.


Dynamic and interactive data analysis tool.

Influence Analysis

Demonstrates the leverage and influence of an adjustable point on a regression line.

Cancer Data in the US

Explore data about number of cancer cases and deaths for different types of cancers over the years in the US.


Visualize sample data with varying correlation coefficients (in Spanish).

Non-Farm Payrolls

Predict monthly non-farm payroll numbers based on a distribution collected from tweets with the hashtag #NFPGuesses.

Sochi Live Medal Tracker

Keep up with gold, silver, and bronze medal counts from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


Binds d3js collapsible trees to R and Shiny

Greener Change

Access data and charts on the environmental performance of publicly traded companies.

Computer Vision

Returns information about visual content found in an image. The algorithms use tagging, descriptions and domain-specific models to identify content.

Mapping Migration

View maps of worldwide migration flows to and from regions, based on UN data.

Visualizing SNAP

Given a set of financial and nutritional constraints, creates a weekly meal plan to minimize cost, calories, fat, sugar, or sodium.

3D Grapher

Make 3D graphs of mathematical functions. Select a function from the list of functions provided, or enter your own function.

French Health Monitor

Disease monitor, in routine use at the French national public health agency. Disease mapping, statistical alarms and dynamic charts.


Histograms demonstrating distribution symmetry and kurtosis (in Spanish).

Population of Ukraine

Interactive population map of Ukraine created using the leaflet and googlevis packages.


Check assumptions for ANOVA and perform the analysis


Population composition of each Catalan municipality between 2000 and 2014.


Intersection and visualization of multiple genomic region and gene sets

Healthcare Professions Map

Thematic maps of healthcare professions by state, using data from the US government Bureau of Labor Statistics database.


Real estate analytics, prediction modeling and forecasting for over 20,000 U.S. real estate markets.

Search Facebook

Search Facebook for pages, posts, and comments about a given topic.

Blue Mussel Oversettlement

Display and predict blue mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) spat over-settlement in green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) farms in New Zealand.

Write My Congress

Simplify the process of writing to the people who represent you in Congress.

Tweet Sentiment Analysis

Dashboard performs sentiment analysis of tweets on some of the main data science hashtags and visualizes results.

College Explorer

Filter colleges on a map or in a table by selectivity, tuition, applicants, and enrollment.


This app visualizes the effect of the so-called “DieselGate” on stock returns of German car OEMs (VW Group others).

KCRW Most Played Artists

The most played artists on KCRW (an NPR station in Santa Monica, CA), with time and artist filters.

Manning’s Equation

App performs Monte Carlo analysis of Manning’s equation for open channel flow. User input ranges for input variables using slider bars and the app demonstrates the resulting distributions of flow and intermediate computed variables.

FC Dashboard

Exploratory analysis of the public Funding Circle loan book

Drag n Drop

Demo of how to add drag and drop elements in a shiny app using the package ShinyDND

Global Terrorism

Detailed analysis of global terrorism by types and location, including predictive features.

Analytic Health

UK Pharmaceutical market prescribing trends, regional mapping and analysis

Boat Run Explorer

Visualize data from long running Delaware Estuary water quality monitoring program


An interactive visualization of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22. Explore locations, character mentions, character co-occurrence and clustering.

NRL Dashboard

Dashboard for National Rugby League statistics and Twitter followers since 2009.

Financial Calculations

Calculate present value, future value, net present value of a project and do a loan amortization.

Visualizing ggplot2

Visualize the internal structure of ggplot2 objects, with a live editor and output pane.

Women Candidates

Search a database of women potentially running for US Congressional and State Executive offices.

R Graph Catalog

ggplot2 graphs, mostly from \”Creating More Effective Graphs\” by Naomi Robbins, with visual overview and ability to put graph and code side-by-side

Response Times

Interactive exploration of the false-start ruling problems in elite athletics.

Applied Statistics Problems

Interactive lessons in applied statistics: frequency tables, intervals, centrality measures, percentiles, correlation, etc. (in Spanish).

Visualize Change

Contribution to #VisualizeChange the World Humanitarian Summit Data Challenge 2015

Radio Playlist 2013

Choose an artist, and see plays per day of their most popular songs throughout 2013 on CD 102.5 FM in Columbus, Ohio.

Github Traffic

Repository view and clone stats for the app creator’s Github account

Humane League

Visualizing Factory Farms for The Humane League’s 88% campaign

Bayes Rule Calculator

Simple way of eliciting a prior distribution, asking about the likelihood of an event under the prior distribution, and then returning an updated probability distribution.

Study Abroad Globe

Display of students studying abroad, as well as international students studying in the US.


Download the expression and sample data from a Gene Expression Omnibus dataset, select a gene of interest, and perform a survival or differential expression analysis


An interactive spatial analysis platform using ggvis and leaflet.

Global Weather Comparison

Compare climates from around the world based on NOAA temperature and precipitation data for the past 50 years.


Explore brain tumors expression datasets


App for next word prediction and autocompletion

Text Complete

Suggests a list of the most likely next word given a string of words

WPP 2015 Explorer

Explore demographic indicators for all countries published by the UN Population Division in the World Population Prospects 2015.

Uncertainty Analysis

Illustration of uncertainty propagation and global parameter sensitivity analysis.


Interactive and dynamic web analytics for the energy industry.​

Overseas Security

An interactive tool to understand the value of U.S. overseas security commitments.

Weather Compare

Compare historical temperature distributions across American cities.

Natural Selection

Simulate natural selection of genotypes and alleles over multiple generations, with customizable fitness levels.

CED Catalunya

Aquesta aplicació permet als usuaris explorar de manera interactiva la composició de la població resident a Catalunyal\’any

Pokemon Go

Exploratory data analysis on the historical data of Pokemon appearance

ggvis maps

This is a showcase app, demonstrating how to build maps with ggvis and Shiny.